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Tree Preservation Program

After an in-depth analysis, this program is designed to address issues that impact the health of oaks, maples, and other susceptible tree including soil management, insect and disease monitoring and control and advise on future care.

Basic Tree and Shrub Care Program

The basic program begins with a complete inspection of all trees and shrubs, and a soil analysis. Seven visits, timed for maximum affect to control destructive insects and diseases. Also, deep root fertilization where needed.

Buttress Root Excavation

The careful removal of excess dirt and mulch that is detrimental to the tree's health. This is a common problem with trees planted to deep or construction backfill. ( click for image )

Tree and Shrub Fertilization Program

Deep root injected, slow-release fertilizer goes directly to the root system, by-passing the turf for maximum benefit to the intended plant.

Custom Lawn Care Programs

After soil analysis, addressing your lawns specific needs including; fertilization, weed, grub and disease control, as well as renovation.

Crepe Myrtle, Boxwood, and Dogwood Programs

Three separate programs designed to address specific problems that occur with these plants.

Fire Ant Control

We target the queen, the one that counts.

Japanese Beetle Program

Using Merit, a powerful systemic insecticide, for complete control of Japanese beetles on effected trees and shrubs.

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