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  • Are your trees subjected to new construction?
  • Do any of your trees have mushroom or fungus formations?
  • Do your leaves turn yellow or brown in the summer (or any time for evergreens)?
  • Is there a black residue on the leaves or bark of your trees?
  • Are there any colored spots on your leaves? (Depending on species, these spots can be yellow, white, gray, brown, or dark red)
  • Do your leaves fall of your trees early in the fall season?
  • Have your leaves lost their color since the tree was planted or are they a very pale green?
  • Are there any holes or notches in your leaves?
  • Are your leaves smaller than you expected for that type of tree?
  • Are there any unusual formations on the tree limbs (fungus, etc.)?
  • Are their any holes in the bark of your trees?
If you can answer more than one of the questions above with a yes, or if you trees have not been treated for pest or fertilized in the past 2 years, we recommend that you contact Roots To Shoots for an evaluation of the overall health of your trees and shrubs.

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