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About Us
Our Mission

Here at Roots to Shoots, our mission is simple yet complex. We are here to provide the best care for your trees and shrubs in a professional and timely manner, with the understanding of the meaning and importance you place on your landscape.

Roots to Shoots takes the time to personally assess your trees and shrubs. Proper diagnosis is the key to proper treatment. Our services are customized to the trees and shrubs of our area and not predetermined by an out of state corporation.

With over a decade of experience, the top of the line materials and the best equipment for the job, we will serve you, our client, in the most professional manner.

At Roots to Shoots, our customers and their landscapes come first. By developing a one to one relationship, our customers will have the accessibility to us that is missing in many larger businesses today. By interacting with our website or by phone, we will be available when you need us.

About Bob Kimble

Bob is a 20 year veteran of the tree care industry. He has attained a NC Pesticide License as a Ground Applicator and is a Certified Arborist by the Internal Society of Arboriculture.

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